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So you want to sleep better ?

March 11, 2019



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There has been a lot of recent discussion about blue light and sleep. Blue light is the type of light that we can see outside on a stunning summer's day and is also emitted by many phones and tablets. This type of light has been given particuar attention because it can supress the hormone Melatonin, which our bodies produce when the Sun goes down to make us feel sleepy. Therefore, if we look at the blue light from our tablets late at night, our bodies might be missing a cue that it is time to sleep.




























This can lead to disturbed, troubled sleep patterns and in extreme cases insomnia and wondering why you're still awake in the early hours. Giving our bodies and brains the right cues when we want to sleep well, includes shutting off all mobile devices at least an hour before bedtime.


Alongside Swedish and Sports massage treaments I also provide Reiki Treatments which help calm the mind and inner body, soothe anxiety, and enables better sleep.


Any gents wishing to book in for any of my treatments this week, please send me a message or text, letting me know when you're available. Many thanks Craig

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