Guest Post. Q&A with Gary Andrews

August 26, 2018


Welcome to a regular feature ... the guest post.

An interesting way to share information and knowledge among the online sporting community.


I've invited some of my clients to answer a few questions in the form of a Q&A post.

They all have very different connections to sport and I look forward to reading and sharing their responses with you in the future. We continue today with some words of wisdom from...





Name: Gary Andrews 


Age: 33


Profession: IT Field Team Manager


Your Personal Sport / Fitness role: Tough Mudder – a 10 miles Obstacle Course


How many years have you been involved with your sport and how many hours a week do you train?


I started going to the gym 4 years ago and entered a few road running races. Last year my mate convinced me to sign up to Born Survivor (a 10K Obstacle Course) and then a Tough Mudder. After my first Tough Mudder I was hooked and bought a season pass. I have since done 12 and plan to get to 25 by September.


What is your main drive / motivation to succeed?


My main focus when I started the gym 4 years ago was my then unhealthy lifestyle. I didn’t do much exercise and could tell with even walking up the stairs or carrying a few boxes here and there. I think I got to the stage where I needed something to focus on – a reason for going to the gym. So to begin with it was the Manchester 10K. Then I wanted to be faster and beat my previous time. When it comes to Tough Mudder the drive comes from being completely out of my comfort zone and crossing that finish line knowing I have challenged myself and earned that next Headband! Although physically challenging, it is also mentally challenging; forcing myself to fall backwards from a height into water or drop into an Ice bath doesn’t come naturally! So overcoming all of these challenges really pushes me to wait to improve on each event.

What is your personal method of training?


I do a lot of HIIT (High-intensity interval training) – you really work up a sweat and can feel the benefits afterwards throughout the day. I also see a Personal Trainer twice a week who pushes me that bit extra and I work on strength training with him. A lot of Tough Mudder Obstacles are about upperbody strength – so I am trying to focus on that a lot more.


Are you part of a society, group, gym or organisation for your sport?


Not directly, but Tough Mudder is such a community you make friends and spot the same people at different events. Even if you set off alone – you never run alone as you meet people along the way and help each other out.

What would you say is the best / worst part of your chosen sport and why?


The best part for me is team work and also doing my favourite obstacle;


Arctic Enema – the Ice Bath!


The worse part would be my least favourite obstacle; Electric Shock Therapy.


Yes – you guessed it, you get shocked!


What is your most pleasing memory / success story to date?


This is such a hard question! Doing my first Tough Mudder and getting through to the finish line is up there. Also finally completing Funcky Monkey on my 5th race (Traversing across Monkey Bars and Wheels). Also, actually signing up for a season pass. I did this by myself as none of my close mates wanted to. So turning up on my own to begin with was very daunting – I can be reserved and shy. But as I previously said you are never actually alone and since joining I have made some great new mates!


If someone was interested in getting involved in your sport, how would you recommend they do that?


First and foremost – just sign up to an event. Once that is done and you get your email confirming you have signed up you will soon be motivated to work in the gym. Once you get to the gym work on your upper body, running and get in lots of HIIT training.


Are there any tips / pieces of good advice that you have picked up whilst studying your sport?


Its an old saying but a good one; if at first you don’t succeed - try, try again!


How did you first hear about Chorlton Massage?


I was struggling with my lower back. I do a lot of driving for work and it was showing. So I had a search on Facebook and Chorlton Massage popped up with some great reviews. After my first session – the reviews were completely valid.


How often do you use massage as part of your training schedule?


Not as regularly as I should! Maybe once a quarter – but that is because my work and event schedule is very busy. I put my body through a lot so it’s good to reward it.

What beneficial effects does massage have for you and how long do the effects of the massage remain after the session?


I sometimes suffer from cramp so getting in and working my calves really helps me. And just giving something back to my body after I ask so much from it. Earlier this year I did 6 events within 4 weeks and it took its toll. So a visit to Chorlton Massage really helped work out those tight areas and knots.


For what specific reasons do you use massage?


I would say for me muscle relaxation and well being. I know massage can be really beneficial when worked alongside a training schedule – and if my work commitments allowed it, I would increase my sessions – but at the end of the day I have to do what works for me – and this does.


Are there any other services you would like Chorlton Massage to offer (Indian head massage, Foot massage. other etc) ?


Attend my events to help with my aches and pains straight away??? haha


How likely are you to recommend Chorlton Massage to a friend or sporting associate?


Very highly. Professional, friendly, good value for money – and most importantly an overall great service!


Many thanks Gary for sharing your thoughts with the Chorlton Massage community. Good luck with your upcoming Tough Mudder events and in achieving your own personal aims and goals.


If you are interested in booking a treatment massage for yourself, then prices are : -


£25 for 30 mins  (perfect for small areas i.e. neck, shoulders & back, or just legs)

£35 for 45 mins  ( we can do a full-body massage in this time)

£40 for 60 mins  (a regular and most popular session for a full body deep-tissue through to  relaxation treatment )


I am open for treatments most weekdays 10 am until 7pm, weekends 10am until 5pm. Please try, when possible, to book in advance of the time you are looking to make your appointment for. That way I will have more chance of being able to help you when you are available.


Massage shouldn't simply be considered for times of injury, think of it as a support mechanism to help maintain a healthier body and mind. This in turn allows you to better appreciate the sports you enjoy and through increased flexibility of muscles and fibres that regular massage offers, help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


To book a treatment :-


Please leave me some details (i.e. name, what you are looking for time and treatment wise, your availability etc) Please remember if you can't get through to me when you ring, I maybe working with a client but I will get back to you a.s.a.p. Thank you.


Ring / text                                07926 790607


Contact me on Facebook


I look forward to working with you soon , thanks Craig


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