Guest Post. Q&A with Luke Grimshaw

July 17, 2017


Welcome to a new regular feature ... the guest post. An interesting way to share information and knowledge among the online sporting community.


I've invited some of my clients to answer a few questions in the form of a Q&A post. They all have very different connections to sport and I look forward to reading and sharing their responses with you in the future.


Today's post welcomes Personal Trainer and Crossfit / Boot-Camp Coach,

Luke Grimshaw.




Name -Luke Grimshaw


Age -27 Profession -Personal trainer/crossfit and boot camp coach


Your Personal Sport / Fitness role -


More recently I've diversified into crossfit, which I love as it provides so much variety, but I love doing anything that involves lifting free weights or functional fitness!


How many years have you been involved with your sport and how many hours a week are you working with it (include training sessions, workouts, events etc) -


I've been a PT for about three and a half years now and been coaching crossfit since last year. A typical week for me is usually twenty odd hours of PT clients based at Infiniti Fitness in Sale and occasionally some clients from my home gym. As well as that I have around eight hours coaching crossfit for adults and kids and a couple of outdoor bootcamps based at a few venues around south Manchester so it never gets boring! It varies when I'm in training myself depending on when PT clients are in but I try to train as much as I can with the classes that I'm not coaching but it's probably around 10 hours a week I train in total.


What is your main drive / motivation to succeed (this could be a person, self fulfilment, encouragement from others etc) -


I actually kind of stumbled into this job as I fancied a change but as soon as I realised that my profession actually helps people and is appreciated, I've honestly never looked back! Not a lot of people get thank you cards for their work, but I find the gratitude from helping people work towards what they want to achieve, motivates me to want to be a master of my craft. Sometimes it's literally as simple as someone wanting to improve their mobility so they can play with their grand children.


What is your personal method of training -


I've kicked myself for not getting into it sooner as I was already focusing on similar style training in a commercial gym, but crossfit works great for me: constantly varied functional movement at a high intensity, there's also a great sense of community at our gym which helps everyone to push everyone.


Are you part of a society, group, gym or organisation for your sport. -


We have an online Facebook group for the gym which is great for members, but crossfit is a global community too.


What would you say is the best / worst part of your chosen sport and why -


The best is watching a new member's face light up as they ring the bell getting a PB on a new movement. From the actual sport of crossfit, the only negative I can attach to it is when ego sometimes gets in the way and people sometimes try to perform out of their means and push the boundary too far making it unsafe. That's totally avoidable with good coaching though and the coaching and membership base is great at our gym!


What is your most pleasing memory/ success story to date -


There's quite a few but one that really stands out is a guy I took on after PTing for maybe a year. He was late 50s, borderline obese and onset diabetic but he was genuinely one of the nicest guys I've ever met and he just wanted to be able to touch his toes and be able to bounce his grand daughter on his knee without being out of breath (one of his original goals). We worked together for about a year and towards the end I think he ended up getting 60cm box jumps which was awesome to watch.


If someone was interested in getting involved in your sport, how would you recommend they do that. (Places to train, official organisations worth joining etc) -


For crossfit it's totally different from how most people envision 'going to the gym'. Just show up and have fun! Our gym is great to get into it as there's a lot of average Joes and its not super competitive, here's a shameless plug:


Are there any tips / pieces of good advice that you’ve picked up whilst studying your sport -


Just always keep learning, there's always someone better than you.


How did you first hear about Chorlton Massage -


I actually saw Craig in suggested friends on Facebook and added him.


How often do you use massage as part of your training schedule (weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc) -


For me it's a bit of a monthly tune up. Training at high intensity constantly will wreck you if you don't step back and do the necessary maintenance work.


What beneficial effects does massage have for you and how long do the effects of the massage remain after the session -


Personally when Craig has worked with my tight calves and shoulders, I feel the effects immediately and it helps in the coming days with training.


What beneficial effects does massage have for you and for what specific reasons do you use massage-


Personally I use it for injury prevention and even if it's uncomfortable at the time it feels really relaxing after having all your tension alleviated.


Are there any other services you would like Chorlton Massage to offer (Indian head massage, Foot massage. other etc) -


I'd be interested in foot massage actually


How likely are you to recommend Chorlton Massage to a friend or sporting associate -


I've already recommended Craig to a few friends I train with.


Many thanks Luke for sharing your thoughts with the Chorlton Massage community and good luck with your future training/ coaching and in achieving your own personal goals.



If you are interested in booking a treatment massage for yourself, then prices are : -


£25 for 30 mins  (perfect for small areas i.e. neck, shoulders & back, or just legs)

£35 for 45 mins  ( we can do a full-body massage in this time)

£40 for 60 mins  (a regular and most popular session for a full body deep-tissue through to  relaxation treatment )


I am open for treatments most weekdays 10 am until 7pm, weekends 10am until 5pm. Please try, when possible, to book in advance of the time you are looking to make your appointment for. That way I will have more chance of being able to help you when you are available.


Massage shouldn't simply be considered for times of injury, think of it as a support mechanism to help maintain a healthier body and mind. This in turn allows you to better appreciate the sports you enjoy and through increased flexibility of muscles and fibres that regular massage offers, help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


To book a treatment :-


Please leave me some details (i.e. name, what you are looking for time and treatment wise, your availability etc) Please remember if you can't get through to me when you ring, I maybe working with a client but I will get back to you a.s.a.p. Thank you.


Ring / text                                07926 790607


Contact me on Facebook


I look forward to working with you soon , thanks Craig

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