Guest Post. Q&A with Lewis Boucher

July 3, 2017

Welcome to a new regular feature ... the guest post. An interesting way to share information and knowledge among the online sporting community.


I've invited some of my clients to answer a few questions in the form of a Q&A post. They all have very different connections to sport and I look forward to reading and sharing their responses with you in the future. We start this feature with a young, but very determined Bodybuilder, Lewis.


Name: Lewis Boucher
Age: 22

Profession: Emergency services

Your Personal Sport / Fitness role: Weightlifting / Bodybuilding

How many years have you been involved with your sport and how many hours a week do you train ?

I've been into weightlifting and bodybuilding for about 3 years now, from being medically discharged from the army.  I typically train 6 days a week and work out, on average, 1 - 2 hrs per session.

What is your main drive / motivation to succeed?

After my medical discharge, I was unable to work for 8 months which left me very bored, so I joined a DW gym in order to keep myself fit.


After a while I started to watch more bodybuilding videos, slowly becoming fixated with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler. This drove me to push forward, finding that the more I improved,  the more addicted I got. I also see it as a release outlet for me, as personally, I find there's nothing better to clear your head than pumping iron.

What is your personal method of training?

I like to incorporate lots of volume as well as heavy weights, as I feel I get the best results from this. Although I tend to go lighter and increase the rep range when I'm cutting down on body fat.

Are you part of a society, group, gym or organisation for your sport?

I'm currently part of a gym called Powermill in Oldham and have been using their facilities for the last 2 years. It is an old-school, cast-iron gym, which in my opinion, are the best type of gyms for serious bodybuilders.

What would you say is the best / worst part of your chosen sport and why?

The best, I would say is the feeling you get when you achieve your goals and the compliments that come with it. The worst parts are definitely the dieting and the injuries that sometimes occur from overdoing it.

What is your most pleasing memory / success story to date?

So far I've yet to achieve success but I'm sure this will change when I start competing.

If I had to pick one instance, I would probably say my personal best on bench, which is 160kg and on squats which is 210kg.

If someone was interested in getting involved in your sport, how would you recommend they do that?

To get started all you need to do is get over the barrier of joining the gym and pick a traditional bodybuilding gym. You will learn more from being around people that enjoy and take their sport seriously.

Are there any tips / pieces of good advice that you have picked up whilst studying your sport?

The best advice I would give is don't try and go too heavy too early as I learned the hard way and ended up with a rotator cuff and a knee injury. Also diet is just as important as lifting weights if you want to see results, then remember that everyone has to begin from their own starting place.

How did you first hear about Chorlton Massage?

I initially read about Chorlton Massage on Facebook.

How often do you use massage as part of your training schedule?

I now attend fortnightly, as opposed to when I first started and attended monthly.

What beneficial effects does massage have for you and how long do the effects of the massage remain after the session?

I find that massages help my body not only recover quicker but also aids my mobility and flexibility which lasts about 3 - 4 days after each treatment.

For what specific reasons do you use massage?

My main reason is to help with injuries, I've had issues with scar tissue in my lower back from a car crash and an injured rotator cuff from weightlifting. However, I also use massage treatments to help me relax and de-stress.

Are there any other services you would like Chorlton Massage to offer?

I think Craig does an amazing job for my purposes, so no, I can't think of anything else.

How likely are you to recommend Chorlton Massage to a friend or sporting associate?

I would recommend him to everyone, as I can see his services being very beneficial regardless of the sporting background you are from.


Many thanks Lewis for sharing your thoughts with the Chorlton Massage community and good luck with your future competitions and in achieving your personal goals.



If you are interested in booking a treatment massage for yourself, then prices are : -


£25 for 30 mins  (perfect for small areas i.e. neck, shoulders & back, or just legs)

£35 for 45 mins  ( we can do a full-body massage in this time)

£40 for 60 mins  (a regular and most popular session for a full body deep-tissue through to  relaxation treatment )


I am open for treatments most weekdays 10 am until 7pm, weekends 10am until 5pm. Please try, when possible, to book in advance of the time you are looking to make your appointment for. That way I will have more chance of being able to help you when you are available.


Massage shouldn't simply be considered for times of injury, think of it as a support mechanism to help maintain a healthier body and mind. This in turn allows you to better appreciate the sports you enjoy and through increased flexibility of muscles and fibres that regular massage offers, help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


To book a treatment :-


Please leave me some details (i.e. name, what you are looking for time and treatment wise, your availability etc) Please remember if you can't get through to me when you ring, I maybe working with a client but I will get back to you a.s.a.p. Thank you.


Ring / text                                07926 790607


Contact me on Facebook


I look forward to working with you soon , thanks Craig



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