What's in a Sports Massage ?

June 24, 2017

Now, more than ever, there are a vast variety of different sports, extreme or action through to leisure pursuits, that gents can develop a passion for. From free falling off the top of a remote mountain top to a regular workout at your local gym. Each sport requires the same basics... skill, preparation and a body that is in good form and strong enough to do the sport safely and without injury.


Some people's usual idea of a sports massage is that of a deep tissue treatment that can be rather intrusive and uncomfortable at times. They think of the saying 'No pain, no gain' and simply grin and bear those overly-eager massages that basically poke and prod those strained muscles that are already fatigued from the recent exercise.


To be most beneficial and to actually aid recovery, massage needs to be precise and targeted to work on the nervous system as well as on muscle fibres. The emphasis is on aiding the body’s own repair mechanism, not to inflict further damage by applying unnecessarily strong pressure.


So what are the benefits of a Sports Massage ?



What effects does Sports massage have on our mind ?




On the body ?




So the physical effects of massage on our bodies is that it : -


All incredibly beneficial in maintaining the type of body that you need, to do the sports that you like to do.


I recently completed and passed my Level 3 Diploma in International Sports Massage Therapy, and will be offering Sports Massage alongside Reiki and Swedish Massage from my studio in Chorlton. However anyone hoping for a painfully intrusive Sports Massage, that will leave them in agony for days afterwards... will be sadly disappointed!


When booking in for a massage it's always worth considering how long you need the appointment to be, in order to treat the area that is affected. It's possible to cover a neck, shoulders and back massage in 30 minutes but not to do a full body treatment. Working on a larger portion of the body (than just the area that is sore or injured) is always advisable when time allows.


If you have a pain in your knee for example, it's possible that the area could be referring pain from the hip or somewhere lower down the leg and may not be a knee specific injury at all. Also by treating a larger percentage of the body's fascia (see my blogpost on 'What is Fascia ?') it's possible to gain more stretch and flexibility for the whole of the leg, which will ease and soften muscles, help areas of tension and tightness to disperse and give an overall more relaxed and rejuvenated end result.


Prices are :-


£25 for 30 minutes

£35 for 45 minutes

£40 for 60 minutes


I am open for treatments most weekdays 10 am until 7pm, weekends 10am until 5pm. Please try, when possible, to book in advance of the time you are looking to make your appointment for. I will have more chance of being able to help you.


Massage shouldn't simply be considered for times of injury, think of it as a support mechanism to help maintain a healthier body and mind. This in turn allows you to better appreciate the sports you enjoy and through increased flexibility of muscles and fibres, that regular massage offers, help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.


To book a treatment :-


Please leave me some details if you can't get through when you ring as I may be working with a client and I will get back to you asap. Thank you


Ring / text                                07926 790607


Contact me on Facebook


I look forward to working with you soon , thanks Craig






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What's in a Sports Massage ?

June 24, 2017

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