10k Inspirational running

May 13, 2016

 I had a new client this week who was in his early 70's. During the session, I asked if there was a reason for him booking a massage and he told me he was in training to do a 10k run. I was impressed and asked which race he was considering. He told me in great detail about the Great Manchester Run which is taking place throughout the city in a weeks time on May 22nd.


He then mentioned about five other 10k runs which were also happening locally later this year, and the Manchester Half Marathon which is taking place in October. When I said to him 'So which one are you in training for ?' he simply replied 'Oh I've signed up for all of them !'


Some people have a natural sense of what is good for their body and lifestyle. My client has been a runner since his mid fifties and has trained his body and slowly increased his running distances over a long period of time, a most sensible way to achieve his goals.


By having regular massage treatments, it's possible to help repair, develop and maintain great muscle form. So how does this work ?


Long stroking movements are used to move fluid through the circulatory system. As pressure increases in front of the masseur's stroke, suction is created behind the stroke. This helps repair damaged muscles by increasing a fresh blood and oxygen supply and removing toxins that have built up in the tissue. Deep tissue massages help to regulate the pores in the fibrous tissues, which increases permeability. This allows for more fluids and nutrients to flow through the tissue. Waste products are removed and new oxygen and nutrients are supplied.


Stretching of the tissues during a massage helps muscle fibers release tension and pressure build up. The massage helps stretch muscles lengthwise and sideways along the natural flow of circulation and the muscle tissues. If you're taking part in an organised run this year, or just running to develop your own fitness, then get in touch with me here at Chorlton Massage to see how we can support you in achieving your goals and by using massage, help develop and maintain your muscle strength for longer.


More information here about the and the


Best of luck to everyone taking part, whatever age you maybe.





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