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10 Jul 2017

Welcome to a new regular feature ... the guest post.

An interesting way to share information and knowledge among the online sporting community.

I've invited some of my clients to answer a few questions in the form of a Q&A post.

They all have very different connections to sport and I look forward to reading and sharing their responses with you in the future. Today's post is from Triathlete Gary Damer.

Name:-  Gary Damer.

Age:-  29

Your Personal Sport / Fitness...

24 Jun 2017

Now, more than ever, there are a vast variety of different sports, extreme or action through to leisure pursuits, that gents can develop a passion for. From free falling off the top of a remote mountain top to a regular workout at your local gym. Each sport requires the same basics... skill, preparation and a body that is in good form and strong enough to do the sport safely and without injury.

Some people's usual idea of a sports massage is that of a deep tis...

13 May 2016

 I had a new client this week who was in his early 70's. During the session, I asked if there was a reason for him booking a massage and he told me he was in training to do a 10k run. I was impressed and asked which race he was considering. He told me in great detail about the Great Manchester Run which is taking place throughout the city in a weeks time on May 22nd.


He then mentioned about five other 10k runs which were also happening locally later this year...

24 Mar 2016

It takes will-power and determination on these cold, wet, Sunday mornings to get out of a warm bed for a few hours and go to exercise on a muddy bog (often referred to as a pitch!)


Warming up properly, by stretching, practicing ball-passing skills

and doing short sprints, all help to reduce the chance of injuries and pulled muscles.


Tight muscles are associated with strains and therefore stretching is advisable to maintain muscle strength and prevent injury.


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