The Benefits of Massage


Increase Flexibity


Control Anxiety


Relief from Chronic Pain


Increase Oxygen and

Blood Circulation


Control Stress


Overcome Insomnia


Lower Blood Pressure


Strengthen Immune System

CHORLTON MASSAGE is a local business based in a home studio.

Working 1-2-1 with sporty gents who are motivated to keeping themselves in shape, and who find a regular, body-conditioning massage

helps them to maintain great form and muscle tone.


With over 18 years experience and a Level 3 International Diploma

in Sports Massage, we can also provide an excellent deep-tissue,

Swedish massage to help you keep on top of your fitness.

We are based in Chorlton, South Manchester, UK.


Chorlton Male Swedish Massage
Customer comments
' great workout today, already booked another '  Tom
' sound bloke, top massage, nuff said '  Jake
' the best remedy after one too many days at the gym '  Marco

60 mins for £45

45 mins for £40

30 mins for £30

Full Body Massage

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'Regular Massage relieves aches and pains, encourages restful sleep,

offering you a better start to your day.' CHORLTON MASSAGE

Regular Massage


Hectic lives and busy schedules mean that more often than not, our body's well-being is taken for granted.  Most of us spend long working hours behind a desk or behind the wheel, where our body structure tends to freeze up causing tensions to build.


Whether you work-out at the gym, play active sports, or do neither, you may be surprised to discover that regular massage can help increase the body's blood and oxygen flow.  Encouraging faster muscle / joint repair and leading to an all round healthier

body and mind.

Chorlton Male Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A regular treatment using natural oils, is an ideal way to de-stress your body and promote joint, 
muscle and tissue repair.

Sports Massage

Sports massage works deep in the muscles, realigning the muscle fibres and connective tissue, and flushing away the toxins. Regular sessions will increase joint mobility and flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury during exercise

A holistic approach to encourage a calmer mind, re-energise the bodies energy, help create clearer focus and allow for restful sleep.
Combo Massage
A combination of Sport, Swedish Massage and Reiki. Definitely the most popular option of our clients.
Chorlton Male Swedish Massage

Craig has over 20 years experience

working with Sport,

Swedish Massage and Reiki.

So if you need an upper body massage,

a leg focused session, or more typically,

a full body workout ...

he can personalise the treatment

to suit your needs.

Chorlton Male Swedish Massage
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